Deep tine aeration is a must for soil conditions that impede percolation and air movement in the profile due to compaction and tight clay materials.  We can penetrate your surfaces up to 12 inches and pull cores up to 10 inches.  We also offer conventional aeration, core removal and top dressing as well.

Pulling 1 inch cores at 10 inches depth.




Verti Drain in action.  Going 8 inches deep.


John Deere Machinery, hard to beat.

Fraise Mowing

The Koro Field Top Maker  removing the old turfgrass and organic materials at FC Dallas in preparation for a new sod installation.  This process produced an incredible glass like surface. 


Notice the green spots after the top surface removal.  These were low areas in the turf.  Now those are level to the surrounding cut.  Turf will rejuvenate and all will be smooth and safe for athletes to run on.


We offer complete fall seeding for your athletic fields.  We use certified perennial Champion GQ ryegrass seed or any other to your specification.  Thatch removal is accomplished using the Toro Versa Vac.  Multiple directions are made when seeding the field to ensure uniform coverage.  We apply a sand topdressing to increase seed to soil contact. 

WOW !!!!!  This is 2 weeks after the overseeding. 


Extreme thatch removal on this project.  We eliminated years of mower clippings and unsafe player conditions.

Working on the Texas Tech Football Training Facility. GUNS UP

Our seed of choice, Champion GQ

The crew edging the fields with Champion GQ.  All of our seeding begins with careful drop spreader applications.  We want that clean crisp edge of new germination.


We have years of construction experience.  Let us know how we can help you.

The beginning of a complete surface reconstruction project.

Hybrid rolls from Tri Tex Grass Farms.  Great product, thanks Randy Price.

Finishing the laser subgrade for a softball field reconstruction project.

New backstop wall being constructed.

Checking the finish grade.